“Victory Candy” and how it led to the Hollywood Art Center Murals

Victory Candy.by Nicki La Rosa“Victory Candy” 2009

I painted Victory Candy when I was working at the Art Directors Guild in Los Angeles in 2009.

It caught the eye of the manager of the Lankershim Arts Center in NoHo (North Hollywood) who then asked me to paint murals in the bathrooms for the arts center! She said she wanted the center to look “artsy!”  I was so grateful for the opportunity. I was giddy!
It took me just under 55 hours.
Veteran Scenic Artist  and Gallery 800 Curator Denis Olsen gave me some great guidance and tools for large scale jobs like that. It was a blast and the murals stayed up for two years!  Extra awesome was the exposure of my work to the Production Designers, Art Directors, Scenic Artists, Illustrators and Set Designers of big Hollywood films (members of the Art Directors Guild) whom I respect immensely!  Dreams come true…
09 Nicki La Rosa

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“voyeur” can be rotated and hung from whatever angle the viewer chooses. It’s current rotation offers many hidden images of birds, dolphins and even a “Grimace” looking creature pulling a pink blanket over his mouth. The people who have seen this piece in person have had many fantastic observations describing what they see. That’s what it is all about for me. Art activated by the participant (viewer). The original is for sale. THANK YOU! ~ Nicki La Rosa