“Victory Candy” and how it led to the Hollywood Art Center Murals

Victory Candy.by Nicki La Rosa“Victory Candy” 2009

I painted Victory Candy when I was working at the Art Directors Guild in Los Angeles in 2009.

It caught the eye of the manager of the Lankershim Arts Center in NoHo (North Hollywood) who then asked me to paint murals in the bathrooms for the arts center! She said she wanted the center to look “artsy!”  I was so grateful for the opportunity. I was giddy!
It took me just under 55 hours.
Veteran Scenic Artist  and Gallery 800 Curator Denis Olsen gave me some great guidance and tools for large scale jobs like that. It was a blast and the murals stayed up for two years!  Extra awesome was the exposure of my work to the Production Designers, Art Directors, Scenic Artists, Illustrators and Set Designers of big Hollywood films (members of the Art Directors Guild) whom I respect immensely!  Dreams come true…
09 Nicki La Rosa

10 Nicki La Rosa    womensMirror

11 Nicki La Rosa  MensSun



“voyeur” can be rotated and hung from whatever angle the viewer chooses. It’s current rotation offers many hidden images of birds, dolphins and even a “Grimace” looking creature pulling a pink blanket over his mouth. The people who have seen this piece in person have had many fantastic observations describing what they see. That’s what it is all about for me. Art activated by the participant (viewer). The original is for sale. THANK YOU! ~ Nicki La Rosa

“Li’l G” (jingle and concept art)

concept art / illustration by Ron Croci

Vocals by Caroline Brasfield – Carter
Written by Nicki La Rosa and Caroline Brasfield – Carter for original”Li’l G” cartoon series about choosing gratitude no matter what!
“Li’l G” Children’s book and digital cartoon concept were created in 2009 after the passing of my beloved cat, Jimmy.
The story is about facing the loss of an animal friend by choosing to focus on the time shared with him rather than as a ‘loss.’ It will be one of the first series to run on Gratitude Tree Network. Contact Nicki  for details or to sponsor the show!

Thank you Caroline for lending your beautiful voice to the Li’l Gingle!!

“A Lotus Blooms in Tampa Bay” Exhibition Complete ~

“A LOTUS BLOOMS IN TAMPA BAY,” had it’s last moments on the walls of the Bamboozle Tea Lounge March 12, 2015.  As I gently removed each peace, a tender wave of deep gratitude washed over me.  For an entire month, some of my most cherished paintings and captured moments were activated by a public audience.  I’m honored and moved by the supportive community of friends new and old, local businesses, and the abundance of social media fans who sent their good vibes from as far away as Hawaii! Yesterday’s Tampa Tribune ran a wonderful piece written by Laura Cone about the exhibit and my history.  You can find the March 11, 2015 Tampa Tribune article here.

Many of the pieces featured from the exhibit are still available for purchase.
PLEASE use the ‘contact artist’ button for inquiries. 
Even after the exhibit comes down, sales from these pieces will go to the causes below.

10% of sales will be donated to the Centre for Girls, a program of the Centre for Women, Inc.
Additional 10% of sales will be donated to Team Jackson Fighting Osteosarcoma.

SPECIAL THANKS TO Tim Gibbons and Jayne Lisbeth for arranging the show for me at the charming and delicious Bamboozle Tea Lounge Channelside!!

Whalecome Home 2003

Whalecome Home

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“Whalecome Home” is an early piece painted for my brother, Jonathan in San Diego circa 2003. The title came to me after the purple whale popped out at me. He is somewhat leaning in as I imagine a butler might to offer to take one’s coat. Other parts of the painting have always indicated the gathering of creatures was a joyous reunion of some kind. Especially the yellow smiling mop-like gal standing just behind the butler whale. What do you see? I hope you enjoy Whalecome Home as much as I did painting it! Thank you for lending your eyes and heart to the image. It’s only as alive when you gaze upon it!