Murals Activate & Appreciate

2015-11-17 18.05.35-1Mural at Lincoln’s Renaissance:
(a work in progress)

Greetings! I warmly invite you to view the “Murals” page with pictures from this and another Tampa mural as well as those I completed in Los Angeles, CA.
One of Gratitude Tree Network’s prime objectives is to honor the ancestors, and activate appreciation for the land and it’s trees, rocks, animals and of course the people wherever we happen to be planted in any given moment!
I’ve been given complete artistic freedom on this special wall¬† (formerly Lincoln’s Grocery in East Tampa – aka Boyle Heights).
Hidden imagery is everywhere.  Please share what you see! Thank you for stopping by and have a most GRATEFUL DAY!
Peace and Thanks,
Nicki La Rosa, Founder
Gratitude Tree Network

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