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Thank you for the visit and welcome to the blog and toddler stage of the Gratitude Tree Network!  peace palms on Courtney Campbell Causeway
My intention is to share my heart and love of nature in all my pieces and to inspire the acceleration of joy and gratitude for the benefit of all. No tree left behind!
I’m a medium whose media of choice is abstract painting, motion pictures, and nature still photography (lots of trees and sunsets). Each image is created with the intention to bloom grateful hearts.

There is always something to say ‘thank you’ for and always someone to be grateful for. 3 Lotus Blooms by Nicki La Rosa
My art comes from holographic dialogue with dolphins, ancestors and the unseen protective forces that surround us all. They love to remind us to be playful and that with every grateful thought and action we activate and multiply our joy! I’ve found that thanking trees is a gentle way of training my mind to catch up with the gratitude in my heart. Being human, our life conditions dip and soar. But one constant is that everyone and everything benefits from appreciation.
It’s impossible to complain and be grateful at the same time. Having earned a masters degree in complaining, I realized via my Buddhist practice and through the actions of my Mentor Daisaku Ikeda, that being grateful has far more benefits to happiness and to value-creating a joyful world! Since making that choice have been the happiest I’ve ever been.
Gratitude Tree Network is is a network of people and trees appreciating one another. It is also the name of a tell-a-vision channel I envision to encourage the choice of gratitude in all situations and in all people and all places.   It’s is about creating value, and having something spiritually nutritious to watch alongside our favorite ‘guilty pleasure’ television programs.  Wouldn’t it be great to flip on the TV or computer and hear and see ONLY good things? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to count on some television that actually mattered to the growth of your heart? The days of selling destruction are over. It’s time for programs of encouragement and appreciation.
Gratitude Tree Network is on Facebook and Youtube (please have a visit)! We are a collective of energy happily thanking the trees and nature as often as is possible for each of us. There is no guilt, blame or lame shame here.  Appreciation for all. Joy is our nature and nature is our joy!
Ultimately, Gratitude Tree Network will be a 24/7 network with positive programming for all ages. There is something for everyone here. You are loved and appreciated.  You are integral to life. Thank you for thanking trees!!
Gratefully yours,
Nicki La Rosa
Gratitude Tree Network Founder  ~ Free Thinking Tree-Thanker
Indian Rocks Beach through the trees
Indian Rocks Beach through the trees


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