“Anywalls”- Good for brain and heart!

Activate “Anywalls” with abstract stimulation! The walls of waiting reptileseaandsunfunrooms. Office lobbies. Doctor’s offices. Children’s hospitals. Children’s rooms / play rooms.  Hotel lobbies. Pre-K through High schools. “ANYWALLS” are walls in any space that yearn for attention – they are usually devoid of stimulating imagery.  Why not stimulate the human imagination by adding an abstract painting packed with hidden imagery.  Finding all the creatures is a game unto itself.

Imagine spending an hour or more in a waiting room with your child awaiting medical attention. As you stare at the wall, all you see is a faded print of an old clay vase which even in its prime didn’t stimulate or distract you from the fact that you were in a waiting room. In fact, it only added visual insult to injury.

What if, instead you could gaze upon a painting that actually stimulated your senses? Well, it’s a dream of mine to get my artwork up on these otherwise bland ‘Anywalls.’  Please message me if you have any ideas or feel inspired to help make this happen!

Lovingly and gratefully,